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Welcome to Designer’s Choice Chandeliers.


Each fixture featured on this site has been selected with YOU the consumer in mind.

Having served in the design trade for almost 40 years, we are aware of your vast

and varied tastes.

We are PASSIONATE about giving everyone access to beautiful, quality fixtures

at affordable prices.

Our credo, “Function and Style for Every Taste and Budget” is reflected in the

chandeliers and pendants offered here.

We have lighting for those who prefer to play it safe and stick with the tried & true.

We also offer selections for people who love to make a design statement.

Our prices are hugely discounted and definitely appeal to every budget.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time all fixtures are quoted in US dollars



If you would like some help in the selection process please take advantage

of our free  "ASK A DESIGNER" option. Simply email a photo or photos

of the space for which you require a  chandelier or pendant.

Briefly describe the colors and features of the room and make us aware 

of your budget and your style preferences. We will email our suggestions 

back to you.  Remember that color monitors differ and the colors could look

quite different in person.

If we feel strongly that you could use a nudge out of your comfort zone,

we'll include those items.

If you don’t agree with our choices, simply email us  telling us what you did

and didn’t like about our ideas and we will try again. If we don’t feature a

chandelier on our site that we feel would be perfect, we may send you an

image and price of one that we can order for you.

We cannot be responsible for any choice you make based on our suggestions.

As tastes vary so much, it is up to you to make the final decision. Our goal is

simply to expand your horizons and open you up to possibilities that you may

not have considered on your own. 

As you browse the website, please note that the various manufacturers

MAY have differing currency, shipping and return policies. In general the

freight for multiple fixtures ordered at the same is only slightly more than

the freight for a single fixture. There is a section for fixture care, frequently

asked questions, and useful information.

We hope that you enjoy our products and our tips. Please let us know if

there is any way in which we can improve your shopping experience with us.

If you have any suggestions or questions before ordering, please email us at: